If you’re looking for wedding photographers in Greece you’ve come to the right place. Hopefully you’ll find these resource pages on Greece weddings valuable as you plan your destination celebration. There are so many wonderful locations in Greece — you can choose the small, intimate islands in the Mediterranean, or the big bustling cities of Rome and Athens. Santorini, Crete, Poros — you really can’t go wrong with a Greece wedding. Wedding photography opportunities are abundant in Greece due to the interesting architecture and beautiful scenery.


Once you get your marriage requirements in order, it will be time to decide on your Greece wedding photographer. One of your main questions will be what kind of views and pictures you will have. That will all depend on the location in Greece you choose. If you choose some of the old town settings you could have images of cobblestone, or millstones in your photos. Greece offers many scenic outlooks over some of the oldest ruins in the world. You can also choose to have a scenic beach wedding in Greece as well that would provide gorgeous wedding photographs. There are many statues of the Gods and Goddesses of Greece that would make beautiful pictures as well. You can also look for the Temple of Zeus so that you can have memorable photos that day.

If you choose to get married in Greece there are many fun things you can do while waiting till your wedding day or after your wedding day. Greece has many tourist attractions, from the ancient ruins to temples for Gods and Goddesses you are sure to find something that you and your spouse will enjoy. There are also many islands and scenic beaches to tour as well as many museums to choose from.


Once you get everything in order for your wedding you will want to find a great hotel to enjoy yourself during your wedding festivities. Here are a few of the most popular hotels in Greece: Q&B Athens HotelHotel Grande BretagneKing George Palace, and Blue Sky Hotel. Further, here is a list of our favorite and most unique locations to tie the knot in this beautiful country.


If you plan to go to Greece for your wedding you will first need to make sure that you meet all of the local marriage requirements. In the country of Greece you are expected to have your passport, birth certificate, and certificate of no impediment. The certificate of no impediment basically shows that you are unmarried or that you have had a divorce — that you’re legally single. These marriage requirements will be needed no matter if you have a civil ceremony or a religious ceremony.


Overall with the beautiful views, sites, easy marriage requirements, fun things to do and great hotels, Greece would be a wonderful place to get married and enjoy a honeymoon. Please contact our team of wedding photographers in Greece so that they can capture all the magic in your Greece wedding.

Here’s where we shoot:

  • Santorini — Top 10 place in the world for a wedding. A major hotspot. Incredible architecture, food, hotels, vistas and venues.
  • Poros — Way out there. Tiny, out of the way, good for intimate weddings, with unique beaches and castles. Very secluded.
  • Mykonos — Great weather, great architecture, great beaches, and the biggest nightlife and scene in the Greek Islands.
  • Milos — Way off the beaten path. Quiet, serene, and small. Great for adventure travelers and small, intimate weddings.
  • Crete — A bit of everything all rolled into one tasty tyropitakia! Food, night life, beaches. Not too far, not to close. Perfection!
  • Athens — Big city activity, Old World charm. Easy to get to from the US and Europe, zillions of hotels, and vibrant night life.

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