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Dreamtime Images is a US-based team of Caribbean wedding photographers eager to hear more about your plans for your big day on Aruba, Bermuda the islands of the Bahamas, Anguilla, or anywhere else in that beautiful bright blue patch of sea. The following pages in this section of the site are dedicated to helping you narrow down your choices for your dream wedding. We will outline the best places to get married and give introductions to all the countless islands in the Caribean. Each section is designed to give you a feel of each island so you can start your wedding planning process.


Here’s a list of the islands we offer Caribbean wedding photography. We are available for wedding photography throughout the entire Caribbean and the rest of the world. We hope you find these resources helpful in your hunt!

Here’s where we shoot:
  • USVI A Caribbean favorite and a definite A+. Way high up on the list due to ease of access, laid back atmosphere, great hotels, and tons of fun activities.
  • US Virgin Islands A+ chain of islands. Easy access, a short flight, abundant activities, super easy logistics, and completely breathtaking.
  • Turks & Caicos Lots of awesome stuff to see and do, but nearly impossible to obtain work permits mean you will likely not be able to bring in your own vendors.
  • Trinidad & Tobago Buffered from hurricanes, a great unique island culture all its own, tons of amazing natural resources, rain forests, coral reefs, and easy access.
  • St. Vincent A great place for explorers, especially those who like to sail. Waterman's paradise. Kind of hard to get to but well worth the effort if you like to see things nobody else ever will.
  • St. Martin The French side of the island -- the neighboring half to St. Maarten. European flair, with great dining and hotels to boot. And a ton of nightlife.
  • St. Maarten Busy little island with a long history of tourism. Great infrastructure, cruise ship docks, ultra luxury, European flair with a French and Dutch half.
  • St. Lucia Two dormant volcanoes that together form a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tons of natural beauty and a fantastic South Pacific feel.
  • St. Kitts Dormant volcano, thick jungle, crystal seas, and a very luxurious hotel industry make this little island as close to the South Pacific as you can get in the Caribbean.
  • St. Barts Super well developed yet very small and intimate. Luxurious accommodation, fantastic food, great shopping, and secluded getaways.
  • Saba Small. There's one road called "The Road." A near perfect place for people seeking solitude and an intimate wedding in paradise.
  • Puerto Rico Abundant natural resources, fantastic resorts, great tourist infrastructure, and super easy to get to. A wedding here isn't much different to plan than one close to home.
  • Necker Island Close to the Virgin Islands, Necker is Richard Branson's private getaway and one of the most exclusive islands in the world. Necker sleeps 28 people.
  • Montserrat Relatively inexpensive, fairly isolated, active volcano, and one of the prettiest places in the entire Caribbean sea. Tropical jungles, but beware of an eruption!
  • Martinique Great food & wine, fairly tropical, off the Tourist Road, tranquil, unique, and with a distinct European flavor all its own. EU rules apply, and marriage licence requirements are the same as in France.
  • Jamaica Epic! Great tourism industry, easy to get to, great music, fun night life. Who doesn't want to get married on Jamaica? I & I tink Jamaica's the place to be. Jah Rastafari!
  • Guadeloupe Off the beaten path and out of the way island with strong ties to Europe. Waterfalls abound. Looks a lot like the South Pacific.
  • Grenadines Yacht-lovers rejoice. Great for adventurous folks. Pirate stories abound. Deserted islands and even a volcano. Some of the nicest hotels in the Atlantic.
  • Grenada Waterfalls, beaches, rain forests, way off the beaten path, and tons of spices! Very vibrant island and worth lots of serious consideration. Known as the Spice Island.
  • Dominican Republic Beautiful, great hotels, easy to get to, modern infrastructure. Great surfing too for water lovers.
  • BVI A yacht-lover's paradise. Tons of diving and sailing, and the region that inspired classic song "Cheeseburger in Paradise."
  • Barbados Off the beaten path and extremely unique island that has a very distinct personality. Highly recommended.
  • Curacao Cross between Bonaire and Aruba. Similar landscape, not as touristy as Aruba, not as out-there as Bonaire.
  • Cayman Islands Super luxurious, off the beaten path, and really great beaches.
  • Dominica Appealing for hikers, divers, and nature lovers. Not much night life aside from the birds and fish. One of the most beautiful islands in the world.
  • British Virgin Islands A+ and two thumbs up. One of the best countries for a wedding. Beautiful scenery, great diving, luxurious resorts, and tons of adventures to be had.
  • Bonaire Funky little vacation rentals and some of the best scuba diving on the planet. Great for smaller weddings with guests who love diving.
  • Barbuda Remote, hard to get to, opulent, intimate, luxurious, and breathtaking. One of the most remote and pristine islands in the Caribbean.
  • Bahamas Everything, from deserted beaches to an island version of Las Vegas. The Bahamas has it all, plus a lot of rum and punch.
  • Antigua An untouched slice of paradise. No big cities, and not the place for mega resorts. One of the most luxurious of the Caribbean Islands.
  • Anguilla Laid back, luxurious, and fairly off the beaten path. Considered to have some of the world's best beaches.
  • Abaco Not hard to get to, fairly secluded. The sailing capital of the Bahamas -- great honeymoon destination too.