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Breckenridge Wedding Photographer

Always wanted to have that gorgeous mountain backdrop in your wedding photos? Breckenridge is the perfect mountain town calling to wedding couples seeking the majestic Rocky Mountains as their dream backdrop. If you and your soon-to-be-spouse are avid skiers or snowboarders wanting to capture two of your great loves together in a snowy and serene photograph, Breckenridge is the resort paradise to fulfill your sports dreams as world-class Olympic and Winter X Game athletes visit this locale to train. If warmer weather is more suited for your nuptials, Breckenridge has lovely springs and autumns and breathtaking summers with natural mountain foliage blooming to its fullest to give you the great background of wildflowers you want in your photos.

Your Breckenridge wedding photographer can give you the best suggestions on the season and backdrop for your pictures. From picturesque outdoor locations to historic church settings, you won’t be able to decide on just one location for your photos. And that is okay. Your wedding photographer can accommodate your preferences so you receive the perfect photos as you stand by the sparkling rushing mountain rivers or ride horseback along the mossy green hills.

Imagine, a majestic peak rising up in the background as the snowcapped ridges seem to sparkle from the sun. Rolling mist dwells at the base of the mountain, giving a mystical type of wonderment. You and your spouse are standing at a secluded spot that centers the mountain in the background, as the camera flashes to capture your love in that one glorious moment so you will have memories to cherish for a lifetime. Your Breckenridge wedding photographer make such a photo moment come true.

Breckenridge Wedding Photography Tips

The town of Breckenridge has a higher elevation than other Colorado towns, as it sits at 9,600 feet above sea level. With such a high altitude, some of your guests may experience altitude sickness. The Breckenridge Medical Treatment Center can help your guests deal with the altitude sickness so they enjoy the trip. In addition, the sun can get very bright so it is ideal to wear plenty of sunscreen, sunglasses in the winter and a sun hat in the summer as you should drink plenty of water.

The number of activities to entertain your guests are abundant here. Your wedding guests can enjoy themselves and relax in the 15 world-class spas available as they will be pampered from head to toe. After the relaxing spa massage, wedding guests can enjoy the numerous activities that are found in Breckenridge. Besides skiing and snowboarding in the winter months, guests can enjoy kayaking, hot air balloon rides, fly fishing, paintball games, rock climbing, bike rides, whitewater rafting and numerous other activities.

There is a little bit of something for everyone to do in Breckenridge no matter which season you decide to tie the knot. So when you are looking for a mountain backdrop for your wedding photos, place Breckenridge on your list of possible destinations. Fall in love with this mountain town that offers the Rocky Mountains to all outdoor adventurers so they can enjoy the wonderful scenery to create their wedding memories.

Let your wedding photographer suggest those one-of-a-kind locations for your pictures as you will know you will be getting photos exactly to your liking. Dreamtime’s award-winning Breckenridge wedding photographers will combine the backdrop, scenery and your wedding party in just the right location that will create photographs that will wow every single person who looks at them.

Best Places to Get Married in Breckenridge

Ten Mile Station Weddings: Perhaps the best wedding venue in Breckenridge, Colorado. I love this place. To the side of the venue is a huge patio overlooking the mountains, with stunning views across the Breckenridge Valley. It’s nice to have a venue that’s a bit secluded, so there aren’t passersby everywhere. Ten Mile Station has a lot of space, a great staff, a big dance floor so things don’t get too crowded, and fantastic views. A+ wedding venue!

Thunder Mountain Lodge Weddings: Ahh, Thunder Mountain Lodge. A super nice venue with lots of guest rooms, so everyone can be on one property. Rustic elegance and lot of hot tubs!

One Ski Hill Place Weddings: Great location, below Peak Eight! Incredible views, great chefs, and a cozy atmosphere. I like this venue a lot.