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Colorado Wedding Photographers

Dreamtime Images is a team of Colorado wedding photographers based high in the mountains of the Rockies. Dreamtime serves couples planning local and destination weddings throughout the state, including Vail, Aspen, Beaver Creek, Steamboat Springs, Boulder, Denver, Estes Park, Fort Collins, and Telluride. If you want to check out some of the best places to get married in Colorado, keep browsing our site. I plan on continually updating these pages with pictures and reviews of all the cool venues and hotels so couples can get a better idea of what their big day might look like.

Here are the local areas we serve.

  • Family Portraits | Estes Park, Colorado — Family Portraits in Estes Park, CO I have been photographing family portraits in Estes Park, CO since I moved here in 2006. Though the majority of my work is wedding related, I really enjoy shooting family portraits, and I do a lot of it at every wedding I photograph. It was only natural to offer portraits in Estes...

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  • Colorado’s Western Slope — Wedding photography on Colorado's Western Slope is special because it's characterized by really bright colors -- of green aspens in the summer, orange ones in the winter; of bright red sandstone cliffs and mesas; and of beautiful bright blue skies. The towns are secluded, funky and full of arts and culture.
  • Colorado’s Front Range — Colorado's Front Range has a bit of everything, from the hip university town of Boulder to the urban jungle of Denver to the high peaks of Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes Park.
  • Colorado’s Central Mountains — The mountain towns of Vail, Beaver Creek, Steamboat Springs and Breckenridge host some of the prettiest mountain wedding venues in the United States.

Photographing weddings in the Rockies requires a unique skill set, and photographers need to know how to manage dramatically varying lighting conditions, freak storms and dark reception venues, all the while maximizing the potential of the most eye-popping, jaw-dropping mountain vistas in the entire country.

Colorado has more incredible wedding venues that you can imagine. Some couples opt for a more rugged approach, and tie the knot in Rocky Mountain National Park or on the sandstone mesas of Colorado National Monument, while others choose the hip, modern hotels in Denver and Boulder. Probably the heart of Colorado’s wedding zone is the central mountains, including Steamboat Springs, Aspen, and the I-70 corridor of Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone and Glenwood Springs. It’s in these places where couples can combine the famous Colorado mountain scenery with super classy hotels and unlimited fun activities for guests and family members.

Here’s a wedding in Colorado.

What’s super fun about getting married here is that there is a ton of stuff to do during the wedding weekend. Countless national and state parks and monuments offer deep woods, flowing rivers and crystal lakes. My hometown park, Rocky Mountain National Park, offers a dizzying array of alpine peaks to explore. You’ll also probably dig running down the Great Sand Dunes, a unique national monument in central Colorado.

The bigger cities like Denver are rife with cultural activities, museums, aquariums, art galleries, and historical sites, and almost all popular wedding towns offer farmers markets and craft breweries. For adventure nuts, Colorado’s got great four-wheeling tours, paragliding, kayaking, fishing, boating, climbing, hiking and cycling.

When To Get Married

  • Spring offers crisp weather and lots of colors, though there will be occasional rain. The mountains can get storms, and there will be a lot of runoff from the winter snow. Be warned that outdoor weddings in the higher elevations can be colder, and the groundcover can be muddy.
  • Summer is filled with warm sunshine, blooming wildflowers and snowy mountain caps. The temps are generally warm, and the afternoon storms still occur, but with less frequency. Many of the mountain venues are super busy, so be sure to book early. This is by far the most popular time of year.
  • Fall is bursting with the bright colors of changing trees and wide blue skies expanding across Colorado mountain ranges. It’s a little cooler but the weather tends to be most stable. Venues are a little less crowded, but still busy, as this is the second most popular time of year to tie the knot.
  • Winter in Colorado is snowy, but the weather is relatively mild. It’s possible to get married outdoors in mid-winter here. Most venues have lots of open dates during the winter.

Marriage Requirements

I think Colorado has one of the coolest marriage laws on the books: you can actually marry yourselves without witnesses, a judge, an officiant, or a minister. Two people can literally just start hiking, find a place they like, and say their vows. I have shot a number of super beautiful elopements where exactly this happened. My clients just started hiking into the woods with the intention of stopping and marrying themselves when the time was right. I love this.

What the law also means, since you don’t need a witness, is that you can have your dog sign your marriage license in the witness box. I’ve photographed this happening before, and it was still legal. Other fun facts about marriages in Colorado: the license is among the cheapest in the country, at $30. There’s also no waiting period once you get the license.


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