Radiopoppers review — a trial-by-fire field test

Radiopoppers. I now have five of them, and they are awesome. What follows is a field-test user review from Brandy and Tony’s awesome Bahamas wedding. A slideshow of their day will come later this week!

To sum it up, I think Radiopoppers are the best thing to happen to flash photography since the invention of the flash.

For those who don’t yet know, Radiopoppers are little flash gadgets that combine ETTL with the radiowave goodness of the trusty Pocket Wizard. That’s pretty amazing. Until now it’s been basically impossible to have reliable ETTL off-camera flashes.

When I first started with off-camera flash photography, I’d use my ST-E2 infared trigger and put my 550EX and 580EX flashes on slave mode. Basically I had fully automatic ETTL flash. It was point and shoot, and it was oh-so-easy. This setup was awesome, or so I thought…





Traci - Great review! I posted a fix to the gaffer’s tape problem on my blog here that you might find useful (uses velcro instead of tape):

John Glose - I ordered the RadioPopper and should have them soon, And the more I read the happier I get about that decision. Your review was inspiring and you photos brilliant. Thanks for taking the time to put this together.
All the best,

Derek - Great review, but you need to get better gaffers tape! I’ve been in temps that could cook a goose and never had an adhesive problem.

brett butterstein - once a gear head, always a gear head. thanks for the info

Rex Larsen - I just started testing RadioPoppers with my Canon 550 strobes and noticed FEL doesn’t work properly. To my great surprise I contacted RP and was told they have never tested FEL with their product.
Canon ETTL is not very good so I often rely on FEL.

Do you or other photographers you know have any experience with FEL and RP ?

Rex Larsen
Senior staff photographer
The Grand Rapids Press

hollye - thanks for the info on radio poppers. I’ve been wondering about them. I also agree with you about PW’s. They can be such a pain if you’re shooting fast and a little uncontrollable at times. I’m going to try out the radio poppers at my next event.

Great shots on your blog, BTW!


Milan - It’s annoying that they don’t make a transmitter that connects to the hotshoe or PC port on a camera.

Having to use both IR and infrared seems like a pain.

LeeH - >

The RP model Jr X goes on the hotshoe directly. This gives manual control, though, not TTL.

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