Breckenridge Wedding Sneak Peek | Gail + David

Gail and David were high school sweethearts and eventually reconnected about 40 years later. They had an intimate wedding on the side of a creek in Breckenridge, celebrating with just their immediate families. I was lucky enough to photograph this very, very special wedding, and here’s one image I liked. These poppies bloom once a year, and they just happened to be flowering on the wedding day. More to come soon!

Wedding couple on the side of a creek in Breckenridge, Colorado

Passion Island Wedding | Mexico | Kelly + Jason

Here are some favorites from Kelly and Jason’s wedding on Passion Island, a tiny private island off the coast of Cozumel. It is one of the prettiest places I’ve ever seen for a beach wedding, and it’s also a great place for adventurous travelers to tie the knot, since getting there from the mainland requires two taxi trips and two boat rides. Thus it seemed the perfect venue for Kelly and Jason, whose relationship blossomed while Jason was working on boats in Thailand. Kelly flew across the ocean a half dozen times to visit him as their romance blossomed, and then Jason moved back to California to be with her. Their love of adventure and travel is almost as palpable as their love for each other.

Their wedding weekend was punctuated by the unexpected, which would have been calamitous if it weren’t for Kelly and Jason’s ability to go with the flow — even if that flow included a lost wedding ring, a storm shuttering a sky lantern ceremony, a bunch of confiscated kegs that were supposed to fuel a party boat, a broken generator, and a hair and makeup team getting stranded in a swamp. Kelly and Jason managed it all with smiles. And rum.

The day before the wedding, I cruised out with the men to  shoot a day of beer drinking (mixed with a little deep sea fishing), and then photographed Kelly’s parents renewing their vows for their 40th wedding anniversary. This was a really touching evening and I’m super glad I got to shoot these two — it seemed like they’re more into each other now than ever before.

The makeup team got stuck in a swamp on the wedding day, but the ladies rallied hard with what little they had in their bags, and none of the guests had any idea that anything had gone wrong. The ceremony went off without a hitch, and an awesome party followed. Toward the end of it all, a freak storm blew in and an epic tropical rainfall began… while everyone was way out on the beach, trying to light sky lanterns for a ceremony. In the hustle to get everyone off the beach and back into the palapa, Jason’s ring fell off and vanished in the sand. D’oh! I asked them about it all, and they said it was par for the course for them. It wouldn’t have felt right if things had gone perfectly, which, in a weird way, means things did go perfectly.

The day after the wedding, we completed a marathon trash the dress session at the mainland resort they were staying at (Azule Fives) and along the Cenote Road that goes inland from Playa del Carmen.

Passionislandwedding islapasionboda 01Passionislandwedding islapasionboda 02Passionislandwedding islapasionboda 03Passionislandwedding islapasionboda 04Passionislandwedding islapasionboda 05Passionislandwedding islapasionboda 07Passionislandwedding islapasionboda 06Passionislandwedding islapasionboda 08Passionislandwedding islapasionboda 09Passionislandwedding islapasionboda 10Passionislandwedding islapasionboda 11Passionislandwedding islapasionboda 12Passionislandwedding islapasionboda 13Passionislandwedding islapasionboda 14Passionislandwedding islapasionboda 15Passionislandwedding islapasionboda 16Passionislandwedding islapasionboda 17Passionislandwedding islapasionboda 18Passionislandwedding islapasionboda 19Passionislandwedding islapasionboda 20Passionislandwedding islapasionboda 21Passionislandwedding islapasionboda 22Passionislandwedding islapasionboda 23Passionislandwedding islapasionboda 24Passionislandwedding islapasionboda 25Passionislandwedding islapasionboda 26Passionislandwedding islapasionboda 27Passionislandwedding islapasionboda 28Passionislandwedding islapasionboda 29Passionislandwedding islapasionboda 30Passionislandwedding islapasionboda 31Passionislandwedding islapasionboda 32Passionislandwedding islapasionboda 33

Dreams Cancun Wedding | Cancun, Mexico | Andrea + Andy

I spent a few days shooting Andrea and Andy’s wedding in Cancun recently at the Dreams Cancun Resort and Spa. They had an international crew from Ireland, and they passed their time thoroughly enjoying themselves. We spent the day before the wedding on a boat called The Dancer, which involved lots of tequila, oversized syringes filled with some sort of Technicolor mystery booze, and a bunch of deck hands who were salsa dancing in superhero and elephant costumes.

The wedding day weather seemed ominous at first, and while Andrea was getting ready, her bridesmaids were staring out the window at the ceremony site, a little worried. The chairs were blowing away, the linens were flying off, and a little further down the beach, and entire 6-foot-wide umbrella launched into the Atlantic and floated out to sea. Andrea was completely unbothered, and remained so during the ceremony itself, which was marked but sideways rain and lashing wind.

Afterward, her, Andy and me took off for a little couples photo session, and somehow wound up on top of a breezeway where I was shooting them in front of the Cancun skyline. Pulses of light from my strobes alerted security, and we were soon greeted by an annoyed guard trying to coax us off the roof. Andrea turned on her charm, diffused the situation, and insisted that the guard hang out for a photo. He obliged, with a huge smile on his face.

After a rowdy reception, we took off in search of some cool cenotes for a day-after portrait session, but the ones I often go to were flooded. Recent rains had caused the river that flows underneath Riviera Maya to flood (I’m so over floods!) but we thankfully found some others to shoot in.

All in all, good times and an awesome group of people. Congrats, you two! Hope to see you soon in Colorado!

cancun weddingdreams cancun weddingAndyandrea 13beach wedding mexicoflowers in cancunpavillion cancun weddingbride cancunceremony site dreams resortdreams cancun wedding bridal party, dreams cancuncancun mexico weddingbride and groom in cancunmariachi band cancun weddingglowing wedding dance floor dreamswedding dance floorweding reception balloonswedding dance limbowedding coupledancing bridereceptionriviera maya ttdmexico trash the dresscenote portraitcenotes mexico trash the dress

Colorado Engagement | Estes Park | Andrew + Liz

Liz and Andrew met in Israel, spent years living abroad, and have just made it stateside to continue their lives together. They get married in a few more weeks here in Boulder, Colorado, and I guess from the way they’re dancing in front of the setting sun, they’re pretty stoked.

I met up with them a couple weeks ago for a super fun engagement session in Estes Park, just outside of Rocky Mountain National Park, and yes, they boogied down and jumped around. Excited for their wedding. 

engagement photo dancingColorado engagement picturejumping engagement photokicking engagement photokissing engagement photo

Fearless Collection 16 Contest | Awards

Wow! Fearless Collection contests are getting insanely competitive these days. The winning images are fresh, inspiring and super unique. The latest contest took a mind boggling 11,000 entries and narrowed them down to 250 award winning images. I got lucky enough to score one. This is a shot I took a few years ago in front of the Boulder Theater, just down the street from the Hotel Boulderado. It was a fun wedding because my dad shot it with me as my assistant. Here’s to 15 years of funky good times!

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